Home Remedies to Eliminate Phlegm Fast

Problems with the Conventional Medical Approach

nasal breathingConventional medicine including many respirologists teach patients with mucus to forcefully exhale (cough out through the mouth) in order to clear the throat and lungs. This forceful hyperventilation increases the production of phlegm. This is because hyperventilation or overbreathing causes excessive loss of carbon dioxide (CO2) which has the effect of suppressing the immune system and causing irritation to airways.

The Buteyko Approach

In the Buteyko approach you will learn how to practice reduced breathing with “air hunger”. By increasing CO2 levels in the body, more oxygen (O2) is made available to the tiny cilia cells responsible for moving phlegm from the chest and throat towards the mouth. You can then gently spit the phlegm out.

Russian medical doctors following the Buteyko method encourage their patients with bouts of coughing to cough as gently as possible through the nose (takes practice)! and mucus can be spat out when in the mouth, not expelled forcibly from the chest or throat.

The most effective methods to encourage airway clearance are:
– The reduced breathing exercise to eliminate problems with extra mucus in sinuses and airways (you can easily find this home remedy online, here are one URL in English http://www.e-breathing.com/how-to-get-rid-of-phlegm-mucus/ and one in Spanish http://www.respiracionnormal.org/como-deshacerse-de-la-flema/
– Breathing devices such as the Frolov or DIY breathing devices (see NormalBreathing.com for reviews of all types of breathing devices and techniques)
– Physical activity with strictly-nasal breathing, inward and outward.

These factors lead to higher levels of alveolar CO2. Increased CO2 improves oxygenation and perfusion of hypoxic cilia cells naturally leading to restoration of their primary functions. Furthermore, this approach does not cause production of new sputum from the adverse effects of overbreathing.

Scientific Explanation

Low body-O2 levels is the main cause of excessive production of phlegm or sputum in people with cystic fibrosis, asthma, and other conditions. They usually have less than 20 seconds for the body-O2 test, while the normal value is about 40 seconds. Over 150 Soviet and Russian doctors proved that all problems with excessive phlegm are solved when their patients reach up to 35-40 seconds for body oxygenation, which corresponds to normal breathing.

Use electrical grounding of the body if you already have inflammation and/or numerous allergies. In many cases, just Earthing alone helps to get rid of phlegm or produce much less mucus.

Finally, to avoid extra mucus production, many people need to avoid allergic triggers as much as possible, and identify and avoid mucus-causing foods, like dairy products and gluten containing foods (sometimes fish and meat too). You should also increase your body oxygen levels by bringing your control pause (also called “body oxygen test”) up to 35 seconds.

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