Richmond boot camps and personal training

The Richmond fitness group provides its clients personal training sessions and boot camp sessions by offering a wide range of fitness activities. The sessions are not monotonous in nature and have been structured innovatively so that the clients feel they are always engaging themselves in something new and challenging.

BottomsUp fitness Richmond designs their routines in such a manner that it challenges all fitness abilities. These sessions include boxing, circuits, interval and fartlek training. Each program is designed to achieve specific fitness goals and caters to the individual needs of the customers.

The following stated points enumerate what a client can expect out of a Richmond session:

  • Burn fat 7-9 times faster as compared to other fitness programs.
  • Tighten and tone fat areas.
  • Achieve fitness goals and gain self confidence in the process.
  • Meet supportive individuals who share the same goals as you.
  • Learn the ways of maintaining a good physique.
  • Set a good example and carve the path for others.

Bottoms Up sessions are generally held in the morning and evening situated in Richmond, Ballarat, St. Kilda and Geelong. Interested individuals can fix up a venue and specific time in order to attend a session.

The Bottoms Up fitness sessions are conducted by a group of fitness enthusiasts who have dedicated their time and knowledge to guide other individuals achieve a more healthy and balanced lifestyle. Most of the trainers are certified and have acquired a qualification in the field of fitness and physical education.

Most of the sessions incorporate the use of slam balls, kettle bells, bodyweight exercises in order to extract the maximum results from the clients and push them to their true potential. This helps them achieve their respective fitness goals. A client can personally convey their fitness aspirations to their trainers and the trainers structure their workout regime in such a manner, so that it meets every requirement the client puts forward.

According to research studies, it is found that group fitness training programs help derive more visible results as compared to years of solo training. This is mainly because group fitness training programs provide greater motivational levels amongst clients, increased social support, provides an element of competitiveness and makes the entire process more economical and affordable due to lower rates.

The Bottoms Up fitness sessions are priced at a nominal rate which allows a large section of society to afford it. One need not be a fitness junkie to apply for such a program, since it caters to a variety of customers whose needs are subjective in nature.

A group training environment is a cost effective approach as compared to personal training. However, a client may wish to opt for a more personalised approach by acquiring individual training sessions by appointing an individual trainer to cater to their specific needs and requirements. The Bottoms Up fitness sessions also offers posture alignment classes and technique correction classes in order to minimise the chances of injury.

Therefore, it can be said that Bottoms Up fitness offers quality services and guidance to its clients and is definitely worth looking into.

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