Silver solutions and their uses

silver productsIn the wide and global market of the Internet, you can easily find many different health products of natural origin. Nowadays silver products are gaining a lot of popularity in the field of healthcare. The reason behind this huge popularity is the real and incredible miracles that the silver products can seriously do. These miracles are not empirical in nature, but the benefits of the new colloidal or other type of silver solution is scientifically proven too.

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Silver is a mineral which has been present on earth from a long time. The science and benefits related to silver have never changed. Only the precision during the manufacturing process, quality and the awareness of all the uses are depleting quickly. In present days when generally everyone is ill in one or another factor, everyone will be ready to pay for a cure that can work miraculously. However, you will actually be surprised to know that silver solution like colloidal solution or ionic solution is not the ultimate cure. But yes, they can be extremely great health supplements for different common health conditions.

How is it prepared?

The silver solutions are manufactured with the help of a generating system which is electrically controlled. The whole process of production will be monitored with an electronic system. The production is done in an airtight chamber, which is the reason of the precise measurement of every PPM level of the solution. This will also obstruct the outside impurities to enter the solution. This solution is protected with blue color to protect its charged component from UV ray of the sun. Generally they are stored in glass bottles to reduce the level of chemical interaction between the component of the bottle and the ions in the solution.

The factors affecting the quality, consistency and purity of these solutions are:

  • The purity of the water used
  • The technology for monitoring
  • The environment at the time of manufacturing
  • The precision of the equipment
  • The quality and calibre of the equipment
  • Exposure to the outside environment during the manufacturing process
  • Storage

Mechanism and use:

The colloidal silver solution works at the atomic level so they are destructive to algae, fungi or different kinds of bacteria. Silver has a property of taking the oxygen from the pathogens and to get bound in their cellular structure. This property will kill the digestive system of all the pathogens and result in killing them. They are widely used as an anti-infective. They are used in hospitals and water purification systems. They can also be used in band aids or as the solutions that can be used during first aid. They are also popular to treat different kinds of wound. They inhibit the growth of the bacteria near the wound and also promote healing of skin cell in a quick manner.

Therefore, it can be rightly said that silver is actually a very good disinfectant.

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