The use of collagen as an anti-aging solution

There are various cosmetic products available in the market to enhance the beauty of the aged people, both men and women. But these cosmetic products are artificial in nature and provide fairness only for a temporary period, but the damages they cause internally remains permanent. Collagen is a protein that occurs naturally in the human body in a large amount. The elasticity and softness of the body tissues are enhanced by collagen.

Type 1 collagen can be found in muscle tissues, bones, skin cells and in the protective lining of delicate internal organs. Providing softness and elasticity to the skin and other internal organs is included in its functions. Collagen cleans the dead cells from the body to perform various immunological functions. Collagen and antiaging are integrally associated with each other.

Obtainable sources

Strength is provided to joint and bones by collagen. With age, there is a reduction of collagen formation in the body. Symptoms such as parched skin, skeletal legs and wrinkles show up due to the lack of collagen production inside the body. So, collagen is an anti-aging product that has only benefits without any side effect. Surgeons apply lab prepared collagen injection to the wrinkled areas in the form of an absorbent lotion. You can also consume collagen containing diets such as bone broths, gelatin and hydrolyzed supplements. Collagen injections work only at the area where it has been applied, just like Botox.

Which one is best?

You should take collagen in the form of diet, so that it can be distributed uniformly inside the body. The deficiency of collagen is visible on the face in the form of wrinkles. This deficiency is caused internally and not in the facial area where wrinkles are visible. Your overall vitality can be restored by the homogeneous distribution of collagen across the body. Intake of collagen diet in the form of supplement is much better than only applying it externally as a cosmetic product at the wrinkled region on the face. You must use hydrolyzed variant as a dietary variety because its rate of absorption is quite higher. Long amino acid chains are formed by gelatin protein and it also takes a longer time to metabolize in your body. Hydrolyzed collagen forms shorter chains and boosts your body quickly.

Multiple benefits

Hydrolyzed collagen has 90% absorption rate, whereas gelatin protein has 27% absorption rate. Along with anti-aging benefits, collagen also has numerous health benefits. Pain sensations at the joints can be relieved by using collagen in the form of painkillers. Collagen is also suggested by the doctors to the patients who suffer from weak bone strength and osteoporosis. If you have acidity problem, collagen can be used to detoxify your liver. Stronger nails and healthy hair growth are also promoted by it. Collagen makes up many cosmetic products like nail polishes and shampoos to make your hair and nails look healthy and beautiful.

Thus, use collagen in any form as per your convenience to make your skin look flawless and also to make your health free from all the diseases and pains.

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